Make & Mend Festival

 The Make & Mend Festival shares our passion for craft and our belief that making is good for the soul in this brand new event at Preston Hall Museum, one of the Tees Valley’s best loved venues. You can expect to experience a fun day full of colour and character, positivity and wellbeing, craft and creativity. 

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to enjoy craft workshops, listen to inspiring talks, watch expert craft demonstrations, join in with our big makes, relax in the sunshine (not guaranteed!), enjoy a mindful walk, take a yoga class, meet like-minded people and enjoy soaking up the creative atmosphere with craft lovers, positive thinkers and mindful makers.

Your ticket includes access to one workshop and you can select which to attend when booking, you can also buy additional workshops to help fill your day! Just check the tickets for available times.

Tickets are £25 available to book on our Eventbrite page, just click this link



Brush Lettering by The Crafthood

Based in the North East, Sharon and Kay are the founders of The Crafthood and run contemporary craft workshops and events. From modern calligraphy and brush lettering, to block printing and wall hangings they offer a range of contemporary crafts for modern living.  At the Make and Mend festival they will be offering one hour Brush Lettering taster sessions.  Kay & Sharon will guide you thorough some basic principles and strokes of Brush Lettering and work on a small project in the hour.

Floral Painting Class by KLB Design House
Our painting workshops are about developing new skills in a relaxed environment. Everyone has their own unique hand writing when it comes to painting and the workshop is about you discovering yours. Katie will demonstrate different techniques to help you to achieve artworks from the floral arrangements in front of you. You will work in a variety of different mediums including watercolour paints and drawing inks. The class is for everyone from first time painters to keen art enthusiasts. Whether you consider yourself arty or you can't remember the last time you were creative this class truly is for everyone. 

Soulful Hoop, Hand Embroidery by Make & Mend Company

Learn some basic embroidery stitches and join us to sew inspiring words and phrases and frame them in mini embroidery hoops to take home. Our workshops encourage you to slow down and be present, take your mind off negative thoughts and feelings and allow your colour to shine through.

Needle Felting by Gill Lyth

Have a go at the hands-on art of needle felting with wool. Many people find this tactile craft to provide stress relief and be quite addictive! You will use your creative skills to make a nature based mini sculptural piece to take away.  Gill Lyth is an experienced Teesside based artist and educator and is passionate about introducing children and adults to creative, hands-on experiences. (not suitable for under 15s)

Papercutting by Lisa Bean

In this one hour relaxing papercut workshop led by local artist Lisa Bean, you will get the chance to learn the basic skills needed in order to create your very own beautiful papercuts to take home. Lisa Bean is an experienced artist and is passionate about the contribution arts and culture has on health and wellbeing. Lisa began paper cutting after the birth of her first child. This art form allowed Lisa to access an artistic relaxing art form that fit into a busy lifestyle.
(not suitable for under 15s)

Mini Terrariums by Hoes & Ditches

Bring some green goodness indoors by creating your own mini terrarium to take home. Newcastle based garden designers Hoes & Ditches have a passion for bring the outdoors inside to create mini landscapes and living plant terrariums.

Note to Self, Glass Etching & Engraving by BloomInArts

At times we all need a reminder why we are amazing and unique. During this workshop we will combine compassion focused therapy processes and writing as creative expression to create a design. Experiment with engraving and etching onto pre-fused glass to create a pendant or key-ring to keep as an aide-mémoire.

Yoga with Kerrie Murray

Join Kerrie from The Yoga House Yarm for a class in the beautiful surrounding of Preston Park.

Dru Yoga is a beautiful, flowing form of yoga for all abilities and ages. It helps to relax, unwind and stretch out your body. It also revives tired muscles, reduces back pain and combats stress. Yoga gives your body a much-needed rest from all the ‘doing.’ In particular, it gives your mind a chance to stop, relax and find a quiet, still point in your busy world.

 Yoga involves so much more than physical poses, practiced on a yoga mat. Yoga is a way of living the very best life you can. It is learning to accept your body, who you are and the situation you are in. But most importantly, it is learning to be kind to - and love - yourself.

Mindfulness with Kelly Gaston

Kelly is providing an insights session to Mindfulness and how it can help when dealing with stress.  This session is designed to introduce you to mindfulness and it's concepts and to help you find balance and deal with the stress in your life. You will learn the basic principles of mindfulness and during the session Kelly will help you to;

- Understand how mindfulness can help you to see more clearly your habits and patterns that can lead to more stress, so you can begin to make different choices

- See first-hand how adopting a compassionate approach can help to change your experience of stress

- Identify the simple pleasures of life and help you to find tools and strategies that work for you

-Adopt tools, strategies and techniques to help you to retrain your brain and choose to respond, rather than react

- Bring compassion and kindness to your experience of stress

Create a Vision Board by Debbie Stokoe

Vision boards are a fun, powerful and creative way to help you get clear about your goals in life. You will create your own vision board to inspire and motivate you in the months ahead!

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