Hello and thanks so much for joining us!

We are Rachel & Lyndsey, the imagineers behind the Make & Mend Company. We met at work where we were lucky enough to have jobs which allowed us to deliver amazing, colourful, creative projects and events together. After many years of collaborating, the natural next step was to continue our journey working for ourselves. So, when the time was right, we left full time employment and ventured into the big wide world and set up in business together. 

The seeds of Make & Mend were sown during the more difficult periods we experienced in our lives. After a patch where things felt like they were falling apart at the seams, Rachel turned to her love of sewing and embroidery and began to stitch her way to a better state of mind. Lyndsey travelled a similar path, although she found strength and healing in yoga and the sense of calm and wellbeing she found gave her a new perspective on life. Make & Mend was born from our mutual desire to share mindful mending and handcrafted happiness with the world! 

We have many shared interests and values that make us the perfect business partners and friends, including an unhealthy obsession with coffee, a respect for honesty and authenticity, a love of creativity and colour and a desire to make our little world a better place for those in it. We function best when our to-do list seems beyond the realms of possibility and fully believe that if your dreams don't scare you they are not big enough! 

We love what we do and can’t believe we are lucky enough to call it work. We trust that the universe has our backs and that things will work out one way or another, so we may as well enjoy the ride!

We hope you love our products and experiences and that they might inspire you to live more creatively, colourfully and cheerfully.

Rachel & Lyndsey xx 

A little bit more about us…

Rachel is happiest when she is lost in designing and creating beautiful things by hand. She has a very loveable cat cat named George who is often found by her side when stitching. She loves travel and exploring new places, is obsessed with gorgeous stationery and has an unhealthy addiction to buying new fabrics.

Lyndsey is a mum to a very energetic little boy who keeps her exhausted but happy most of the time. She loves walking in woods, yoga, eating cake and family cuddles. She has a porridge addiction and fills her time with self-development books and podcasts (which she can finally call ‘research’ thanks to Make & Mend).

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